Drummer-Percussionist & Producer-Beatcreator

Pataca is one outstanding Musician.
was born on Curaçao N.A. 
At the young age of 8 his interest for music became apparent. He started first by learning to play the piano. Growing up with the sounds of the Caribbean he is really dedicated to his talent, first as a percussionist and soon after as a drummer.
By the time he turned 11 he had moved with his parents to the Netherlands where it became clear
that his real passion was percussion and drums.
While studying music and working he started playing in several semi-professional bands which for him would turn out to be the stepping stone to his new status as a great musician.
In 1995 he stopped working the 9am to 5pm and started making a living playing with national and international bands.....Currently he works as a freelancer with artists such as Tasha's World (MD), Kenny B, Dina Medina, Maikal X, Yuli Minguel, Cali P,
 Queen Omega, Gypian, Turbulence, Fanta Mojah, Jah Mason, Tamara Nivillac, Ziggi Recado, Shirma Rouse, Giovanca Ostiana and Rajae EL Mouhandiz , Crazy Pianos, Orange Grove just to mention a few.

Besides his performances on stage, he brings his knowledge and experience to young talents: He is a professor in drums and Percussion.

Pataca is olso the owner from Online-Drumlab the 24/7 hour service where he can record real custom vintage live drums and percussion analog and digital 

Pataca has become one popular drummers-percussionist in the live circuit. And has proved that he is a purebred all-round musician with his broad taste and remarkable knowledge of all the good pop music and world music has to offer.